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Combining beautiful pieces of reclaimed timber, skilled craftsmanship and an endless emporium of treasures, Re-craft by 701 creates refined and unique statement pieces fit to last another generation in a loving new home. 

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Fabulous Hand Carved Old Oak Green Man

Fabulous Hand Carved Old Oak Green Man


ITEM CODE: 00133

Made from a single piece of ancient English oak - this fabulous wood sculpture was entirely hand carved using only traditional hand tools by Grant - the warehouse701 in-house artisan carpenter. The deep relief of the chiselling and the tool marks visible in every contour make this a wonderful and unique work of art. Used as an architectural feature or perhaps subtly lit in an alcove or atrium, the tactile nature of this timeless piece will impress all who see and touch it.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 32.2cm
Height: 32.2cm
Depth: 13cm

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A ‘Green Man’ is a representation of a face, surrounded by leaves. Green Men are usually in the form of a sculpture, such as this one and are most commonly used as an architectural ornament or decoration and can be found on both secular and religious buildings. There are many variations of the Green Man and many cultures from different time periods and locations around the world have used them, often for representing or relating to nature-based deities.

Primarily, the Green Man is interpreted as a symbol for ‘rebirth’, representing the cycle of growth from each spring season.