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Combining beautiful pieces of reclaimed timber, skilled craftsmanship and an endless emporium of treasures, Re-craft by 701 creates refined and unique statement pieces fit to last another generation in a loving new home. 

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Reclaimed Reupholstered Tiger Print Chaise Longue

Reclaimed Reupholstered Tiger Print Chaise Longue


ITEM CODE: 00118

Beautifully presented antique chaise longue lounging chair, expertly re-upholstered with a striking navy blue fabric bearing a tiger and pocket watch design.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 182cm
Height: 78cm
Depth: 65cm

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The chaise longue, originally french for 'long chair', is a single piece of relaxation furniture that combines the principles of a seat and a daybed to form a long reclining chair, or a sofa with the backrest on one end. The earliest known chaise longues were made by the Egyptians even as early as 5000 years ago. The Ancient Greeks would later depict gods and goddesses relaxing on chaise longue style chairs, later enhancing their reputation as a luxurious furniture item.