Authentic Vintage 'Carron' K6 Model British Red Telephone Box

Authentic Vintage 'Carron' K6 Model British Red Telephone Box

Code: W30A163


It's big, red and as British as fish and chips and a double-decker bus!

An icon of the modern age it was designed in 1935 to commemorate the silver jubilee of the coronation of King George V. Of the 60,000 originally installed 11,000 still remain and are in daily use - even if some do now contain a defibrillator or a micro library!

Just like a fine wine, their value continues to rise as those that were decommissioned are slowly and lovingly restored before finding a new home as far away as Texas, Moscow and Sydney Australia...

This is in 'original' used condition. It retains its four 'telephone' sign panels, a double steel shelf, 1 x leather hinge strap, a door closer and the makers name cast into the rear panel. The name reads 'Carron Company - Stirlingshire'. There is peeling paint throughout, some missing glass and a scant interior.

A real authentic vintage gem that is ripe for restoration.

Approximate Dimensions :
Height: 255

Base: 91.5

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