Beautiful Hand Carved Tudor Frieze, Facade or Fascia Board

Beautiful Hand Carved Tudor Frieze, Facade or Fascia Board

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This is rare! - entirely hand carved and over fifteen feet in length, this beautiful hand carved Tudor frieze, facade or fascia board is a jewel of the restoration world. Discovered in the roof space of an old carpenter’s shop within the city walls of Hereford, it bears a striking resemblance to other carved timbers in and around Hereford’s famous ‘Old House’. Unusually, it’s thought to be made of poplar wood not oak, which has aged to a wonderful silvery finish. Detailed with stylised leaves, trees and chiselled diamonds - the rear has been hewn flat using an adze (a ‘sideways’ axe with a curved blade). This is a piece of true architectural splendour and would make a stunning feature in any period restoration. With a tenon shape to one end - it’s likely this was a decorative fascia mounted over part of the timber frame of an old shop or grand house in the city.

Approximate Dimensions :
Length: 460

Height: 32

Thickness: 5

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