Warehouse Wedding Shoot

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This was not the first time our Warehouse was used as a backdrop for a photoshoot, and we're sure it won't be the last. But this was definitely the largest photo project we've had the pleasure of hosting. With a range of local businesses involved (full list below), the Couture Events team pulled together a stylized shoot that is bound to attract media attention and allow them all to further showcase their wedding services.


The theme of the shoot was built around the many backdrops available in our world of architectural salvage. The range of rough textures and aged materials were used to help sell the idea of unconventional and edgy wedding style. Here are some of the highlight shots from the day!

Retro fire engine

A combination of greenery and timber

Decor and style set-up, on reclaimed Singer-base table


Behind the scenes near our cast iron radiators

A Blodwyn cameo in the background!


Photographer: Matt James Wedding Photography

Florist: Issy & Bella

Hair & Make Up: Rebel Rock

Jumpsuit: Stephanie Kyles Bridal

Stylists: Couture Events

Location: Us!