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Re-craft by 701: Introducing our new furniture workshop.

Grant varnishing cedarwood  3-2.jpg

At Warehouse 701...we like to re-cycle, re-craft and re-home all of the old treasures we salvage. 

Some of the weird and wonderful curiosities we discover may be a little tired having lived a long and colourful life throughout the decades. However, this doesn’t mean it’s all over for the poor old codgers. Far from it. Just that they have many fascinating tales to tell. They may not be up to serving their original purpose, but with our marvelously talented furniture makers’ creative flare and skilled craftsmanship, these historical gems can take on an entirely different form. 

Combining beautiful pieces of reclaimed timber, skilled craftsmanship and an endless emporium of treasures, RE-CRAFT by 701 creates refined and unique statement interior pieces fit to last another generation in a loving new home. 

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You can see the entire range of RE-CRAFT 701 products below.

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