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Chimney Pots

We have a vast selection of chimney pots here at Warehouse 701 in all shapes and sizes. Here is a small selection of them. If you can't find what you are looking for please contact us on and we will do our best to help.

Pair of Dish Top Quattra-Port Chimney Pots

Pair of Dish Top Quattra-Port Chimney Pots


ITEM CODE: CP00035/36

A unusual and rare pair of dish top quattra-port chimney pots. These substantial pots are based around a simple conical pot but with the addition of four prominent vertical vanes that terminate in a shallow dished top. Pots with closed tops are sometimes used in locations that are prone to downdrafts such as on the side of a hill. The reason behind the dish top is unclear - perhaps its to provide a warm bird bath! There is some small surface damage to one pot and one of the dishes appears to be fractured in the bottom - but this could be sealed/repaired. A highly stylised pair of chimney pots that would add a feature to man a roof line.

The price shown is for the pair - not to be sold separately.

Approximate Dimensions:
Height: 63cm
Base: 32cm

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