Code 4 Roofing Lead 6m Rolls

Code 4 Roofing Lead 6m Rolls

Lead can be moulded to any shape, is highly resistant to corrosion and non-combustible, making it ideal for all roofing applications. Lead is used in roofing in many capacities, from flashing to flat roofs, valleys, gutters, downspouts and water hoppers. Lead has been commonly used for thousands of years because it is widespread, easy to extract and easy to work with.

Our lead is manufactured to BS EN 12588; 2006 in accordance with British Standard and European Norms for the building industry. Our lead also has a 50 year warranty!

Available lead accessories - Flashpoint Lead Sealant   /   Lead Patination Oil 0.5L   /    Lead Hall Clips

We are able to offer Code 3/4/5/6/7/8 and Sandcast Lead as alternatives. Please enquire for the prices and availability for any alternatives

Data sheets available on request

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