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Salvaged Solid Copper Witches Hat Industrial or Barn Roof Vents

Code: W49A052
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They might look like your everyday black painted metal factory ventilation hoods but they're actually salvaged SOLID COPPER witches hat industrial or barn roof vents! With the old black paint removed, the original burnished red copper finish would see these majestic architectural features shimmer once more in the sunlight. They could be returned to the roofline, become a focal point in a retail or restaurant setting - or perhaps be retro-fitted to illuminate a garden or terrace? The square section base has an under skirt and an angled upper face for run-off. The main body consists of inner and outer vanes off-set and angled to repel the rain and snow whilst generating an updraught to help circulate air within the building. The witches hat shaped tops have a steep rake and are finished with a rolled brim and spherical pinnacles.

We intend to strip one of these period beauties and re-photograph it to show it in all its splendour. There appears to be a makers plaque (see close-up photo 1) which may reveal more information. Meanwhile the design, the riveted construction and gothic detailing to the arched vanes all points to these being of the highest quality and a rare find...

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Approximate Dimensions :
Diameter: 46

Height: 111

Base: 38

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