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Salvaged Public House Red Doors with Frame and Fanlight

Salvaged Public House Red Doors with Frame and Fanlight



A pair of saloon doors from a traditional British boozer! These salvaged public house red doors with frame and fanlight are a quintessential piece of social architecture. Made from stout (likely pitch pine) timber, each door has a patterned glazed panel to the top and a heavy kick board to the bottom. The half-round fanlight above was originally an opener and whilst it had become sealed with paint over the years - both the catch and hinges remain. The frame has decayed lower down on one side only. The other has been cut short - but - new wood can be set-in to replace these and the all important bow-top frame remains sound and intact. What a wonderful alternative to have installed in your own home, shop or restaurant - or pub if you’re lucky enough to own one!

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 105cm
Height: 270cm
Depth: 13.5cm

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