Exquisite Authentic Multi-colour Prehistoric Petrified Tree Segment

Exquisite Authentic Multi-colour Prehistoric Petrified Tree Segment

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This is medium sized fragment PW34 weighing 77 kilos.  The sizes shown below can be toggled between cm's and inches.

Petrified wood can be displayed both indoors or outdoors where it's natural features are most at home amidst nature. Whilst durable and long-lasting, consideration should be given to protecting these fine pieces in certain conditions, notably frost and ice.

Please see (and enlarge) the photographs for detail and colour. Please remember these are effectively stone, not wood. This is reflected in their relative weight and composition.

Petrified wood is a fossilised 3-dimensional representation of a prehistoric tree that is unique in every sense. The characteristics of the tree are preserved down to the finest, microscopic details that can include tree rings, bark and fibres. Fossilasation occurs over time when a piece of wood is deep under ground. Minerals in the earth slowly deposit around and within the fallen tree, replacing the tree’s cells and taking on its shape and form. Over millions of years these harden and turn into stone as the organic material dies away, leaving an exact copy of the original tree. The petrified wood can take on various colours depending on the minerals deposited during the process.

This is one of a number of wonderful petrified tree pieces available at this time - to see them all click here

Approximate Dimensions :
Height: 43

Width: 58

Depth: 26

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