Flashpoint Lead Sealant

Flashpoint Lead Sealant

Lead sealant that is designed for lead based masonry and brick pointed work. The sealant is used to avoid problems such as cracking and lack of adhesion associated with mortar joints. Because of the water content in mortar, it cannot be applied in cold and frosty conditions. However, Flashpoint lead sealant has a large service temperature range and can be used at temperatures as low as -65° C. 

Flashpoint lead sealant gives a permanent, flexible and waterproof joint. As well as the sealant being cleaner, quicker and easier to use than mortar, it has a life expectancy of 20 years. 

Advice on use

  • The minimum depth of the sealant injection is 10mm, but in the majority of situations the mortar in a joint should be removed to a depth of 25mm. 
  • Ensure all mortar is removed from the masonry and lead faces to be sealed by Flashpoint. 
  • Ensure that joint is completely dry and free of dust before applying sealant. 
  • Cut the plastic nozzle to an internal diameter suitable to the height of the joint and such that it allows sealant to fill its full depth. 
  • In order to obtain a professional finish, smooth the face of the Flashpoint joint with a dampened pointing iron before the sealant has skinned over. 
  • Premium Flashpoint is not an adhesive and is not recommended for joining lead to lead.
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