Hand Carved Chinese Sage, Deities or Immortal Figures

Hand Carved Chinese Sage, Deities or Immortal Figures

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Two Antique hand carved Chinese sage, deities or immortal figures. Beautifully detailed and each carved from a single piece of wood with exceptional skill. 

There are two figures - figure ‘A’ is brown in colour and depicts a stout male character carrying what appears to be a dragon or a costume mask over his shoulder with one foot raised on a wooden stump. 

Figure ‘B’ is slightly taller and has a reddish colour finish. It depicts a tall thin male who is carrying two fish, whilst another jumps from the water - at his feet is a bird, possibly a cormorant. Figure ‘A’ has an empty rounded recess on top of the piece - perhaps for a candle or a missing piece? 

Price shown is per figure - to be sold separately.

Note: the teeth and eyes on both figures - though this is permitted on figures of this age.

Approximate Dimensions:

Width: (Figure A) 12cm - (Figure B) 13cm
Height: (Figure A) 33cm - (Figure B) 37cm
Depth: (Figure A) 12cm - (Figure B) 12cm

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