Handmade Chair with Authentic Singer Sewing Machine Treadle Frame

Handmade Chair with Authentic Singer Sewing Machine Treadle Frame

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This is 'Sew' amazing (sorry, couldn't resist it!) - a beautiful working 1930 Singer sewing machine treadle base converted into a fine pine chair. The base has its four original iron castors, fine latticed risers incorporating the famous Singer trademark depicting a shuttle, bobbin, crossed needles and thread. The Singer name features prominently on the mechanism lever arm whilst the footplate (treadle) still powers the flywheel at speed (see photos).

At the turn of the 20th century 9 out of every 10 sewing machines sold in the world was a Singer! Their quality and engineering were legendary as seen in the style and detailing of this exquisite cast iron base. This both contrasts and complements the clean lines and minimalist folk-art styling of the wood chair built around it.

A wonderfully eclectic piece for those seeking inspirational furniture for the home...

This is a 701 Original chair made in-house by our furniture maker entirely from salvaged and reclaimed materials.

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Approximate Dimensions :
Width: 64.5

Height: 123.5

Depth: 60

Seat Height: 51.5

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