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Art Deco Style Polished Metal Alloy Desk Plane

Art Deco Style Polished Metal Alloy Desk Plane


ITEM CODE: 00133

A beautifully stylised polished metal (aluminium?) desk airplane. The sweeping shaped stand, curved propellers and streamlined body are all reminiscent of the art deco period. With all the nostalgia of a time when air travel was new, exciting and a reserve of the wealthy - this home office ornament is a touch of classic elegance.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 42cm
Height: 21cm
Length: 23.5cm

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‘Art Deco’ was the most prominent decorative art style during the 1920s and the 1930s, recognisable by its precise and direct geometric shapes and bold colours, not too dissimilar from cubism in its nature. The Art Deco style can be seen in architectural projects of the time as well as household interior design and furniture.

This item reflects a time when domestic travel via aeroplane was brand new and exciting.