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Reclaimed Vintage Hand-Painted Carousel Horse

Reclaimed Vintage Hand-Painted Carousel Horse


ITEM CODE: W0419B024

This colourful vintage hand painted carousel horse is a delight to the eye and very sculptural to the touch. A child size horse, it was hand made from several pieces of solid wood pegged together. Beautifully carved features including a saddle, a harness with medallions and fringe - and a full halter. With one legged raised and the head slightly turned - it has the look of a proud and spirited steed. There is a subtle dappled colouring to the body and the tail is made from hemp or similar material. Perhaps originally a rocking horse due to the angle of the hooves? There are two thumb-sized holes to the belly (for an original fixing plate?) and the various wood sections have separated slightly. There is a nominal split the length of the belly. A great interior design piece for the home or nursery that would also provide a focal point in any shop or restaurant.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 120cm
Height: 110cm
Width: 30cm

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