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Taxidermy Stuffed Jay Bird in a Glazed Case

Taxidermy Stuffed Jay Bird in a Glazed Case


ITEM CODE: W0119A0067

Garrulus glandarius known simply as a ‘Jay’ to most of us. A colourful resident of the British Isles (except Scotland), it’s wings with their distinctive black and white pattern and the unmistakable blue flash can be wee in and around woodlands, parks and some gardens looking for seeds, berries and insects - they’re also partial to an acorn of two, in fact some species of oak tree reply on the jay to ‘distribute’ their acorns across the forest floor…This specimen is well presented on a woody stump with dries leaves and moss and a sprig of Ivy (synthetic) that compliments the bird nicely. The birds crest is lightly raised and the coloured wings slightly open for display. The case is in good order.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 27.5cm
Height: 40cm
Depth: 14.5cm

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