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Items on their wishlist: %0D%0A %0D%0A • 91.4cm (3ft) Diameter Steel Pipe in 8m to 9m lengths %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/914cm-3ft-diameter-steel-pipe-in-8m-to-9m-lengths%0D%0A • Salvaged 6.45 Metre Long Universal Steel RSJ Beams %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/salvaged-universal-beams-steel-rsj%0D%0A • Salvaged Aluminium Caged Cat Ladder %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/salvaged-aluminium-caged-cat-ladder%0D%0A • Extending Leg Clan Lukas Rattungs Rescue Platform Ladder Fire and Rescue %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/extending-leg-clan-lukas-rattungs-rescue-platform-ladder-fire-and-rescue%0D%0A • 300metres of Black 32mm x 2.0mm PF-T Irrigation Pipe for Poly Tunnel etc. %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/300metres-of-black-32mm-x-20mm-pf-t-irrigation-pipe-for-poly-tunnel-etc%0D%0A • Reclaimed Victorian Granite Cobbles or Setts %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/reclaimed-victorian-granite-cobbles-or-setts%0D%0A • As New Steel Galvanised Gate Barriers and Hinge Mechanisms %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/as-new-steel-galvanised-gate-barriers-and-hinge-mechanisms%0D%0A • Salvaged 6 Metre Lengths of Blue Cast Iron Interlocking Pipe %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/salvaged-6-metre-lengths-of-blue-cast-iron-interlocking-pipe%0D%0A • Salvaged David Brown Tractor Model 990 Selectormatic With Quickie Front Loader %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/salvaged-david-brown-tractor-model-990-selectormatic-with-quickie-front-loader%0D%0A • Salvaged Greens Griffin Vintage Orange Vibrating Ground Roller %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/salvaged-greens-griffin-vintage-orange-vibrating-ground-roller%0D%0A • Salvaged Large Steel Hull Barge or Boat %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/salvaged-large-steel-hull-barge-or-boat%0D%0A • Vintage Cricket Roller With Ford Engine Ground Roller Feature %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/vintage-cricket-roller-with-ford-engine-ground-roller-feature%0D%0A
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Industrial Salvage is something we always have a large selection of - both reclaimed and salvaged ferrous metal stock. The majority of this is industrial and agricultural in nature. From huge RSJ’s and tubular pipe to varying sizes of angle iron, channel, profiled (and corrugated) roofing sheet and cladding. We bring together used and surplus steel stocks from all over the UK including unused inventory and salvaged construction materials that can be re-purposed in new projects. We sell ‘standard’ steel, typically RSJ’s, box section, tube and angle iron - and ‘formed’ steel which includes all pre-made items such as gate-posts, hoppers, crash barriers etc. It also includes all galvanised stock. We also sell complex or more complete pieces such as the fire escapes, industrial walkways, large scale machinery such as timber and stone saws and presses etc. We also sell sectional buildings, site offices, shipping containers and jack-leg cabins.