Industrial Salvage

Industrial and agricultural Salvage has been at the very heart of the our business for more than 60 years.

We reclaim, salvage and sell a vast inventory of raw materials, products, equipment and machinery of every type imaginable and we have the experience, facilities, manpower and machinery to meet virtually every challenge.

Our extensive vehicle fleet includes vans, tipper, rigid, flat-bed and hiab lorries that can transport everything from a ploughshare to a military battle tank. Items of every description are brought here to our Herefordshire base where they are assessed, measured, photographed and catalogued.

This aspect of the business is extremely dynamic. In a matter of a days items can typically be acquired, catalogued and sold, primarily through the Ebay marketplace where up to a thousand items may be available at any one time. Descriptions and photos are often kept to a minimum to maximise throughput but our knowledgeable team are here to answer any questions you may have regarding your purchase and its delivery.

Industrial Salvage is something we always have a large selection of - both reclaimed and salvaged ferrous metal stock. The majority of this is industrial and agricultural in nature. From huge RSJ’s and tubular pipe to varying sizes of angle iron, channel, profiled (and corrugated) roofing sheet and cladding. We bring together used and surplus steel stocks from all over the UK including unused inventory and salvaged construction materials that can be re-purposed in new projects.

We sell:
‘standard’ steel, typically RSJ’s, box section, tube and angle iron
‘formed’ steel which includes all pre-made items such as gate-posts, hoppers, crash barriers etc. It also includes all galvanised stock. 'complex' or more complete pieces such as the fire escapes, industrial walkways, large scale machinery such as timber and stone saws and presses etc. We also sell sectional buildings, site offices, shipping containers and jack-leg cabins.

Our inventory may typically include:

Site Cabins - Shipping Containers - Bunded Fuel Tanks - Box Profile and Corrugated Roofing Sheet - Compressors - Pumps - Reclaimed Steel Channel - New Old Stock Angle Iron and I Beam - Large and Small Diameter Iron Pipe - Commercial Cabling - Steel Wire and Cable - Agricultural Equipment - Tractors and Plant - Vintage Roadrollers - Stationary Engines - Crash Barrier - Road Bollards - Crowd Barrier - Industrial Gantries - Factory Stairways - Handrails - Lamp Posts - Windows - Doors - Cast Iron Radiators - Gates and Railing - Maritime and Nautical Salvage - Reclaimed Bricks - Walling Stone - Kerb and Edging Stones - Flagstones and Paving - Architectural Stonework - Columns and Pillars - Oak and Elm Beams - Vintage Wood Flooring - Carved Timbers - Worked Stone - Railwayana - Lead Tanks - Stone and Galvanised Troughs - Anvils and Heavy Ironmongery - Factory Machinery - Industrial Tooling - Workshop Machinery - Industrial Fans - Structural Timber - Steel Frame Buildings - Vintage Signs - Cider Mills and Presses - Foundry Moulds and Equipment - Fairground Rides - Shop Fittings and Interiors - Commercial Garage Equipment - School and Gymnasium Fittings - Church and Chapel Interiors - Religious Artifacts - Antique Trolleys and Carts - Air Raid Shelters - Roll On Roll Off Bodies - Civic Sculptures - and so much more...