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Items on their wishlist: %0D%0A %0D%0A • Steel Frame Security Jack Leg Cabin 30ft %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/steel-frame-security-jack-leg-cabin-30ft%0D%0A • Reclaimed Roller Cabinet Chemical Gas Store Tool Box Storage Container %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/reclaimed-roller-cabinet-chemical-gas-store-tool-box-storage-container%0D%0A • Reclaimed 7x2ft Cover Tin Roof Sheets Weathered Rustic Industrial Job Lot %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/reclaimed-7x2ft-cover-tin-roof-sheets-weathered-rustic-industrial-job-lot%0D%0A • Reclaimed Industrial Stone Cropper/Block Splitter %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/reclaimed-industrial-stone-cropperblock-splitter%0D%0A • Old Norton Clipper ISM 18" Masonry Stone Cropper Saw %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/old-norton-clipper-ism-18-masonry-stone-cropper-saw%0D%0A • Industrial Steel Racks Racking Stacks Shelving Storage %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/industrial-steel-racks-racking-stacks-shelving-storage%0D%0A • Reclaimed Large Stainless Steel Silo %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/reclaimed-large-stainless-steel-silo%0D%0A • Reclaimed Pressure Tank Vessel on Legs %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/reclaimed-pressure-tank-vessel-on-legs%0D%0A • Pair of Vintage Agricultural Farm Tractor MF35 Tyre Covers Cage Garden Fire Pit %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/pair-of-vintage-agricultural-farm-tractor-mf35-tyre-covers-cage-garden-fire-pit%0D%0A • 12 x 44ft Metal Cabin Pre-Fab Building %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/12-x-44ft-metal-cabin-pre-fab-building%0D%0A • Salvaged 20ft Curtain Side Lorry Body/Container Storage %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/salvaged-20ft-curtain-side-lorry-bodycontainer-storage%0D%0A • 4 Post Lifting Ramp By Laycock 3 Phase Working Condition %0D%0A https://www.warehouse701.co.uk/industrial-salvage/4-post-lifting-ramp-by-laycock-3-phase-working-condition%0D%0A
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Industrial Salvage is something we always have a large selection of - both reclaimed and salvaged ferrous metal stock. The majority of this is industrial and agricultural in nature. From huge RSJ’s and tubular pipe to varying sizes of angle iron, channel, profiled (and corrugated) roofing sheet and cladding. We bring together used and surplus steel stocks from all over the UK including unused inventory and salvaged construction materials that can be re-purposed in new projects. We sell ‘standard’ steel, typically RSJ’s, box section, tube and angle iron - and ‘formed’ steel which includes all pre-made items such as gate-posts, hoppers, crash barriers etc. It also includes all galvanised stock. We also sell complex or more complete pieces such as the fire escapes, industrial walkways, large scale machinery such as timber and stone saws and presses etc. We also sell sectional buildings, site offices, shipping containers and jack-leg cabins.