Lemon & Lime Vegan Hair & Soap

Lemon & Lime Vegan Hair & Soap

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All our soaps are gentle, vegan, natural and made from botanical ingredients. Fragrances are delicate and contain no synthetic chemicals. Our soaps are suitable for washing both skin and hair, and because they contain natural oils and butters, they are moisturising and conditioning. 

Lemon and lime essential oils have a fresh, light and zesty fragrance which can help to lift the mood and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. They may be helpful in balancing oily skin and their naturally antibacterial properties will help you feel naturally refreshed and cleansed. 

Please note that all soaps are handmade and cured weights are approximate. 

Olive oil (sodium olivate) 

Coconut oil (sodium cocoate) 

Almond oil (sodium almondate) 

Shea butter (sodium shea butterate) 

Distilled water (aqua) 

Lemon essential oil (citrus medica limonum) 

Lime essential oil (citrus aurantifolia) 

Linalool, limonene (naturally occurring allergen in essential oil) 

Glycerin (a natural by-product in cold-process soap) 

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