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Authentic Salvaged Gothic Window Mirror

Authentic Salvaged Gothic Window Mirror



A fine example of a period gothic window mirror, a solid wood window that has been lovingly repurposed as a large mirror after most of its original leaded glass had been lost over time. Made from pitch pine, this classic architectural feature has a substantial window frame, integral sill and top opening window (though this is now set closed).

Some original paint remains where it can be seen to have crazed wonderfully with age. There are two original leaded glass tie bars to the front and a sturdy iron ring to hang it from on the rear. A full size up-cycled mirror with history, charm and a ready-made vintage finish.

This beautiful and unique mirror is a 701 original - designed and crafted in house from salvaged and reclaimed materials. Discover more here.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 81cm (at the foot/sill)
Height: 161.5cm
Length: 30cm

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