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Pair of Hand Carved Indonesian Stone Temple Lions

Pair of Hand Carved Indonesian Stone Temple Lions


ITEM CODE: W0519B011

Styled on the famous Borobudur temple guardians of Java , this pair of hand carved Indonesion stone temple lions is impressive both in detail and quality of finish. Originally from Great Brampton House, home of the late Martin Miller (founder of Millers Antique Guides) each lion is made from a single block of stone. They are highly stylised as the original 9th century Buddhist temple stonemasons had probably never seen a real lion. Lions were symbols of bravery and linked to royalty - Buddha himself was said to have had the voice of a lion. Carved from andesite, with an integral base, one raised paw and an open mouth these formidable statues make a fearsome duo with a heritage dating back over a thousand years. Now gently weathered and with some moss , sadly one of the lions is missing a tooth.

Please note: these statues are extemely heavy and will require manpower and machinery to move.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 109cm
Height: 105cm
Width: 62cm

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