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Beautiful Authentic 18th Century Elm Plank Flooring

Beautiful Authentic 18th Century Elm Plank Flooring



Price shown is for the job lot (50 M²)

It’s dirty, battered, has old worm holes, paint splatters and a worn surface…it’s everything you could ever want from beautiful authentic 18th century elm plank flooring. Finding singularly sourced floor boards of this period is getting rarer by the day and is what every quality period restoration is crying out for! Reclaimed directly from an 18th century half timbered cottage in North Herefordshire - this is about as authentic as it gets. The photos show it ‘as lifted’ and an example of it llightly sanded and waxed - revealing the awesome grain and figuring that elm is renown for. Originally cut to imperial sizes - the boards are roughly 7½” and 11” wide, an inch thick and 3’6” to 11’ long.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 19.5cm to 29cm
Thickness: 2.3cm
Length: 110cm to 340cm

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