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Beautiful Old Aged Two Door Painted Wood Sideboard

Beautiful Old Aged Two Door Painted Wood Sideboard



A wonderful example of a piece of timeworn vernacular furniture, this beautiful old aged two door painted wood sideboard is so tactile - you have to touch it! Simply built from stout timber planks, the worktop has been gently smoothed and refinished whilst the doors and frame still bear all the scars of generations of service. layer upon layer of paint, with battered edges and a rare patina as unique as a fingerprint. The top is a little loose at the corners and the doors need coaxing shut but it’s fine pieces like this that make a house a home. Divided into three internal spaces with half rebate doors and plank top, ends and back. Would make a great shop counter or storage cupboard too!

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 189.3cm
Height: 90cm
Depth: 61cm

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