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Elegant Art Deco 1930s/1940s Mantel Clock

Elegant Art Deco 1930s/1940s Mantel Clock


ITEM CODE: W0119A0086

A beautifully sweeping design combined with simple clean lines - this elegant art deco 1930s/1940s mantel clock is likely German in origin though it boasts a traditional ‘Westminster’ chime. The three keyholes in the face are normally for i) the main time spring ii) the hourly chime and iii) for the half or quarter hour chime. The clockface is central and circular with stylised numbers typical of period table clocks. The single door to the rear opens to reveal a brass movement complete with five chimes and hammers plus a clever dampening ‘jaw’ to mute the chimes. Possibly made by ‘Haller’, the label inside reads ‘Tisch-Uhr (table clock) 157N 4/4 Westminter - Pruf Nr 00311’ and the phrase ‘in die uhr kleben nicht abreichen’. No key present.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width: 58cm
Height: 22cm
Depth: 16cm

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