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Fabulous Vintage Wooden Replica Canon

Fabulous Vintage Wooden Replica Canon



This impressive piece of mock militaria would make a wonderful retail display or a centrepiece for the collector or enthusiast. A fabulous vintage wooden replica canon with bright red wheels, blackened faux metal barrel and smoke grey carraige. The traditional style cart wheels have chamfered spokes and iron rims. The canon barrel is quite convincing with its stepped muzzle, pivoting trunion, banding, touch-pan and breech knob - all finished in a gun-metal colour paint. The grey trail (extending arm) has two lift handles and holds the canon in the firing position. The axle (which passes unseen under the trail between the wheels) is a replacement and modern dowel pins currently hold the wheels in place.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 152cm
Height: 82cm
Wheel diameter: 74cm
Canon length: 91cm

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