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Large Green Reclaimed Riveted Double Feed Bin

Large Green Reclaimed Riveted Double Feed Bin


Product Code: W39A007

Gorgeous! - this large green reclaimed riveted double feed bin has it all. Big chunky old rivets, a huge iron hasp a chained lid and a texture that makes you just want to stroke it! It’s big brutish and built like a WWI tank - literally. Other than a feed store, we’re not sure what you’d use it for but it’s enoght to just want it… There are remnants of red, yellow and green paint throughout, it has a substantial internal divider and what looks like a repair plate to the lower front - from many many moons ago. See it - Love it - buy it!

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 117.5cm
Height: 76cm
Depth (incl hasp): 78.5cm

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