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New Large Cream Colour Wood Orb Ceiling Light

New Large Cream Colour Wood Orb Ceiling Light



This impressive new large cream colour wood orb ceiling light is made from timber staves that curve through 180 degrees to create an open sphere. Around the middle of the globe is a single equatorial band made from similarly curved pieces - each jointed to the staves to form a strong light structure. Around the outside are eight hand carved spiral symbols and inside are six elegant lamp holders and diffused bulbs that deliver a regular soft light. The hanging chain and ceiling rose allow for the drop to be altered and the wood frame is finished in a lime-wash colour. The light is fully wired and ready to be installed - perfect for the conservatory, atrium, entrance hall and more…

IMPORTANT: All lighting must be tested and installed by a suitably qualified electrician prior to use.

Approximate Dimensions:
Diameter: 84cm
Height (light only): 96cm
Chain and Ceiling Rose: 120cm

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