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Old Cast Iron Pot Belly Stove with Flue

Old Cast Iron Pot Belly Stove with Flue


Product Code: W39A008

What a little sweetie! This old cast iron pot belly stove with flue may be rusty but everything seems to work! The ash door has a sliding hit-and-miss vent whilst the main door has a circular one. There’s a length of flue pipe and a damper though the it’s not obvious how the latter fits? The small curved handle is used to remove the (hot) top plate - through which more fuel is added and on top of which you boil your kettle for tea! Ideal for a narrowboat, shepherds hut or garden room - or for a cosy snug within the home. Please note such stoves should only be installed by a qualified heating engineer - always be safe!

Approximate Dimensions:
Height (to the top plate): 64cm
Width: 40cm
Depth: 43cm
Flue Pipe: 166cm

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