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Old Solid Marble Baluster, Pedestal or Plant Stand

Old Solid Marble Baluster, Pedestal or Plant Stand


ITEM CODE: W0719B014

Crystalline White and elegant styling make this old solid marble baluster, pedestal or plant stand ideal for the home, cafe or shop interior. The weight, footprint and composition make this a sturdy pillar on which to stand or display all kinds of plants, sculptures or ornaments. Made from three parts (lower and top half plus the circular top) it appears to have a bolt running the length internally which is then tightened with a decorative terminal inside the top. The circular top, which has a small piece missing from the rim, is lipped to sit into the upper half.

Approximate Dimensions (face on):
Diameter (top): 24.5cm
Diameter (base): 28cm
Height: 92.5cm

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