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Salvaged Market Stall / Costermonger Barrow / Wheeled Display

Salvaged Market Stall / Costermonger Barrow / Wheeled Display


ITEM CODE: W0519B018

The best of old and new - this salvaged market stall / costermonger barrow / wheeled display is strong, stylish and provides a huge display surface. Based on market traders carts of yesteryear, this all steel two-wheeled barrow is likely from a semi-permanent display at a shopping complex or garden centre. It would make a wonderful garden feature where it’s weight (it takes two people to move this cart when empty!) would ensure it never succumbs to the wind or an excess of floral extravagance. Equally suited to retail display, be it in a cafe or artisan shop, the steel-plate bed and box section frame will safely support all manner or merchandise. The wheels are old - probably from an historic agricultural machine. One has a slight distortion to the rim which neither detracts from the look or impedes movement.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length (with overall): 213.5cm
Length (of bed): 201.5cm
Height: 85cm
Width: 102cm

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