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Salvaged Alloy Milk or Liquid Churns

Salvaged Alloy Milk or Liquid Churns


ITEM CODE: W0619B0010

The simple, clean lines and almost brutal design of these commercial milk containers or churns is at the very core of their appeal. Originally made to do one thing simply and efficiently - they’re now used as planters, storage and lamp stands in domestic and retail interior design. Made entirely from alloy (likely aluminium) they have a tapered bottle-neck profile with a twin-hook lid that engages on two cams (pins) set into the neck of the churn. A crossbar also set into the lid then allows the container to be lifted and carried with ease.

Price is per churn - to be sold separately

Approximate Dimensions (face on):
Diameter (base): 30cm
Height: 49cm
Mouth (opening): 18cm

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