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Salvaged Rewired Railway Signal Traffic Lights

Salvaged Rewired Railway Signal Traffic Lights



A splendid set of salvaged railway traffic lights. The thick glass conical lenses glow like three rich ‘jewels’ thanks to all-new wiring complete with eco-friendly LED bulbs. The light is safely housed within a formidable cast metal casing and raised on a substantial iron base. Opening this light is like ‘cracking a safe’ with a huge long-threaded turn handle releasing the heavy door that pulls open to reveal the refurbished interior. This heavy industrial lumiere comes with a long length of mains cable (240v) and has been PAT tested ready for use. If you’re looking for a little ‘industrial disco’ - this could be for you!

Approximate Sizes:
Width: 39.5cm
Height: 90cm
Depth: 35cm

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