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Hand-Made Spalted Beech Industrial Dining Table

Hand-Made Spalted Beech Industrial Dining Table


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Hand-made dining table, expertly crafted at Warehouse 701 from a reclaimed antique workbench and an impressive slab of beautifully marbled beech wood. Industrial yet elegant in appearance, this larger table is truly unique thanks to the natural line pattern of the spalted wood.

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This beautifully made dining table comprises of two key pieces; a reclaimed and re-used vintage workbench base and a substantial slab of durable, quality beech wood. Combined using the expert skill and talent of our in-house craftsman, the result is a completely one of a kind surface unique in both build and appearance.

The cast iron base bares the name ‘E O Culverwell - Lewes’, indicating that the original sawbench was made by the E. O. Culverwell company based in Lewes, Essex who are still trading today in the supplying of quality agricultural equipment, tools and estate machinery. Culverwell’s have been operating for over 80 years. The base of the bench has stood the test of time and offers a weighty and safe foundation for the table unit as a whole.

The tree from which the wood was sourced had begun to undergo the process of spalting, which has left a natural colouration across the surface of the wood in the form of bold, dark lines and an elegant white marbling effect. Spalted wood is highly sought after by woodworkers for it’s rarity and completely individual patterning process. No two pieces of spalted wood are the same, making this robust and impressive dining table a truly one of a kind piece of furniture. For more information on spalted wood, please see this informative article; ‘What Is Spalted Wood?