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Very Large Old Oval Opening Wood Window

Very Large Old Oval Opening Wood Window


ITEM CODE: W0619B001

How Magnificent is this! It’s rare to come across an elliptical window of this size and in this condition - it even has its original steel shaped former that lays over the top to give the correct brick-arch template. This very large old oval opening wood window is in good condition throughout except for one glass pane which is cracked. It hinges open to almost 180 degrees and has a single brass sprung catch to the lower edge. A stunning window that would be a feature in any substantial building, home or project. Windows are rarely made to this scale - particularly openers.

Please Note: as mentioned above, the window comes with a heavy gauge steel band that mimics the top curve of the window to aid in setting a brick arch (or similar) for the same.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 214cm
Height: 136cm
Depth: 12.5cm

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