NEW From The Anvil Beeswax Beaten Cupboard Knob - Large

NEW From The Anvil Beeswax Beaten Cupboard Knob - Large

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The beaten cupboard knob is part of the blacksmith range of cabinet knobs.
-The unique beaten effect is achieved by individually hammering each product by hand.
-They are suitable for cupboards, doors and drawers.
-Available in three different sizes.
-Sold in singles.
-Supplied with an SS M4 screw.

Our beeswax finish is the most authentic finish for steel.  After forging, the colours left in the steel range from blue to deep red ochre.  To preserve these beautiful colours, our beeswax products are dipped into hot beeswax.  This gives a subtle, matt richness to the metal and offers excellent protection when the products are fitted internally and properly maintained.  An extremely natural finish and a far softer alternative to a black powder coated finish.

To ensure the finish on your Beeswax product always remains at its best, we would advise re-coating your product with our ‘Maintenance Wax’ (33002) from time to time. This adds further protection to the metal and helps to prevent any rust or white blooms forming.  Due to temperature changes or packaging, a Beeswax product may occasionally show signs of a white bloom upon opening.  This can be buffed with a soft cloth to remove.
Please note that where possible we would recommend using our External Beeswax in areas of your property with high moisture content, such as bathrooms or kitchens.  Light surface rust may appear if using our standard Beeswax in damp internal environments, but this can be removed with ease. For accompanying external products, we recommend using our external beeswax finish.

Approximate Dimensions :
Diameter: 40

Height: 3.1

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