NEW From The Anvil Beeswax Medium Bean Thumb or Door Latch

NEW From The Anvil Beeswax Medium Bean Thumb or Door Latch

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Ideal for traditional style ledge and braced door, this blacksmith thumblatch set is hammered into shape from mild steel using an anvil and fire.

Often used in conjunction with a tee hinge on plank doors, the maximum door thickness should not exceed 55mm.

Supplied with matching wood screws the beeswax finish is the most authentic finish for steel.  Forging results in a range of colouring from blue to deep red ochre.  To preserve this colouring the components are then dipped into hot beeswax. resulting in a subtle, matt richness to the metal.

To ensure the finish on your Beeswax product always remains at its best, we would advise re-coating your product with our wax’ from time to time to further protect the metal and help prevent rust or white blooms forming.

Due to temperature changes or packaging, a Beeswax product may occasionally show signs of a white bloom upon opening.  This can be buffed with a soft cloth to remove.

Approximate Dimensions :
Length: 21

Width: 5.2

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