Old Circular Wheel Casting Mould Pattern

Old Circular Wheel Casting Mould Pattern

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Possibilities abound with this old circular wheel casting mould pattern. A great wall display, basis for a glass top coffee table, a ‘hidden treasures’ sandpit for children…there’s so much you can do with this finely finished pattern. Originally pressed into sand moulds to create a shaped cavity into which molten metal would be poured to make a high quality ‘cast’ original. By using the same pattern again and again - every wheel produced would be virtually the same - ensuring quality and uniformity. Purportedly, this pattern was one of several used in the making of the front ‘bogey’ wheels of the A1 class Locomotive No. 4472 - otherwise known as the legendary ‘Flying Scotsman’! These much admired ‘patterns’ are now popular as interior design elements and display pieces.

Approximate Dimensions :
Diameter: 94

Thickness: 17

Rim: 8.5

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