Original Salvaged Old English Blacksmith's Anvil

Original Salvaged Old English Blacksmith's Anvil

Code: W40A187


Every anvil seems so familar - yet everyone is unique, a character all its own and a thousand stories to tell.

Every scar tells of a time when these iron giants helped forge the tools, railings, plough shears and nails that built our homes and worked the land.

Though born of a simpler time - today the anvil is being repurposed by a new generation to help forge great works of art, garden sculptures and stunning architectural features...

From one end to the other, the features of the anvil start with the horn, then the (small flat) table or cutting block and finally the long flat face which ends in a square heel. Near the heel are two holes, the larger square Hardie hole is for mounting attachments and the smaller round Pritchel hole is for punching holes through steel.

Ideal for display in a courtyard or garden setting or as a retail feature.

Base measures: 28cm x 31.5cm

Approximate Dimensions :
Length: 74.5

Height: 33.5

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