Victorian Hand Operated Fully Working W E Cook Guillotine with Blades

Victorian Hand Operated Fully Working W E Cook Guillotine with Blades

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One word sums up Victorian engineering...Pride.

At their heart,  many of these machines possessed a brutal simplicity that was then refined and embellished in a blatant celebration of the makers' skill and achievement. Elegant over-engineering that was built to last and revered the world over.

This cast iron guillotine is a example of that ethos. W E Cook of London were proud of this guillotine. They knew it was a beautifully engineered and would perform effortlessly and reliably for a lifetime. They wanted it to look good both on the factory floor and in the sales catalogue. They were selling a dream, the dream of owning something better...and they put their name on it!

Used to cut paper, card and board it would have been used by printers, bookbinders and others who needed crisp precision cutting time after time. The stylish base, bow-shape top beam and the sculptural style of the hand lever are just a few of the design features that make this a classic.

As the photographs show, it still works beautifully - slicing cleanly and effortlessly through a 300 page glossy bound catalogue.

It comes with two blades. The clamp (operated by the large upper turn-handle) moves freely as does the paper-depth slide (operated by the smaller lower turn-handle) though this could do with a little oil.

Approximate Dimensions :
Width: 100

Height: 131

Depth: 110

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