Boulton & Paul Revolving Summer House

This gorgeous Boulton & Paul revolving summer house has been lovingly restored to its former glory from the ground up. You would be hard pressed to see that some of the components are over 100 years old!

Only a few key elements of the summer house remained when it was salvaged from behind some out buildings in Lea, Ross-On-Wye. The original folding doors, the front elevation, the iron chassis wheels and track were all repaired, refurbished and re-used. The timber floor and windows were too far gone to salvage but they were ideal to use as patterns to craft exact replicas. Check out the full story on this build here.

Given a light push in either direction, the house revolves smoothly on its tracks in a full circle, allowing it to face the sun at any time during the day.

This exquisite garden retreat will be a feature to last another lifetime.

10 ft 2 inches (h) x 8 ft 6 inches (w) x 7 ft 2 inches (d)