Rare 2½ CWT Vintage Anvil and WWII Cast Iron Base Combination

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Before we get into how divine this combination anvil and base is - I guess we should explain what CWT is!  It's an old measure of weight. C=Centum(100) and WT=Weight. Now a 'hundredweight' as it's called is actually 112 pounds in weight but that's only because in 1340 King Edward III changed the weight of a 'stone' from 12½ 'pounds' to 14 pounds. Since a hundredweight is 8 stones it increased from 100 to 112 pounds in weight...confused?

I know kilograms are easier on the brain but there is something exquisitely romantic about the origins of these old English weights and measures.

Anyway, back to the anvil and base. Both have the remains of a blue paint here and there - but the base is dated 1943 and bears the (upward arrow) war department mark. The anvil is by John Brooks, considered by some to be the finest London Pattern anvils ever made. It carries both a 2½ CWT and a '125 kilos' mark so it is later than the base but these two pieces have obviously lived together for a long time.

The overall patina is gorgeous and the anvil is in good condition for its age. The base has a chip/chunk out of one foot but it's still beautiful! Consider this - in its day, this combination would cost the equivalent of six weeks skilled wages - considering its working heritage it remains a true investment with a unique aesthetic.

Note: Base measures 43cm x 49.5cm

Approximate Dimensions :
Length: 77

Height: 71.5

Base: 49.5

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Rare 2½ CWT Vintage Anvil and WWII Cast Iron Base Combination

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