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RE-CRAFT by 701

Combining beautiful pieces of reclaimed timber, skilled craftsmanship and an endless emporium of treasures, Re-craft by 701 creates refined and unique statement pieces fit to last another generation in a loving new home. 

Re-cycle. Re-craft. Re-home

"Seamstress Seat" Singer-Base Chair 2nd Edition

"Seamstress Seat" Singer-Base Chair 2nd Edition


This beautiful chair has been crafted using the base of a vintage Singer sewing machine. The Treadle base used on this project retains a working foot-peddle, a feature we were keen to keep. Reclaimed church purlins were cut and planed to shape to build a rounded backrest, form-fitting seat and matching armrests. A groove has been cut into the underside of the seat to allow the peddle wheel to turn.

The marriage of timber and metal in this chair, including the quality of the finish and contrasting colours make this a timeless piece; destined to be a standout feature in the home.

Size: 49 inches (h) x 25 inches (w) x 23 inches (d)

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