Reclamation & Architectural Salvage in Herefordshire - Warehouse 701

Reclaimed and Salvaged Steel Stock

Warehouse701 is a major resource for reclaimed and salvaged steel stock.

We always have a large selection of both reclaimed and salvaged ferrous metal stock. The majority of this is industrial and agricultural in nature - from huge RSJ’s and tubular pipe to varying sizes of angle iron, channel, profiled roofing sheet and cladding.


Great choice

Our steel stocks change weekly so if you’re looking for a particular size or profile it pays to keep in touch with us regularly. We keep an inventory of all stock so we can respond to your needs quickly by phone or email.


Type 1: ‘Standard’

The first of three categories of steel we sell is ‘standard’ steel. Typically RSJ’s, box section, tube and angle iron. Priced at £660 per metric ton (or part thereof) it represents the majority of the steel we sell.


How to Buy

Most steel stock is sold by weight. The steel you choose will be weighed on our weighbridge in order to accurately calculate the price. This may involve us taking the steel to the weighbridge using our fork lift - or by weighing your vehicle both before and after loading to determine the weight. Discounts are available for bulk purchases - ask for details…


Great Products

We bring together used and surplus steel stocks from all over the UK. Great products that are either unused inventory or salvaged construction materials that can be re-purposed in new projects.


Type 2: ‘Formed’

The second of the three categories of steel we sell is ‘formed’ steel. This includes all pre-made items such as gate-posts, hoppers, crash barriers etc. It also includes all galvanised stock - prices from £900 per metric ton.



Regulations prohibit you from cutting, reducing or working the steel whilst on our premises. We can, for a small fee and with prior notice, arrange for a qualified member of staff to cut or reduce the steel you are purchasing using an appropriate cutting torch or metal saw. This service is not available at weekends. (Weighbridge not available Saturday PM or Sundays.


Great Prices

Because of the countless types, patterns and profiles of steel we offer, we sell steel stock by the metric ton (1,000kgs) and with prices from just £660 per ton you know you’re not paying more then you should.


Type 3:’Priced’

Lastly, there is the category of ‘priced’ items. Sometimes it is preferable to offer an item at a fixed ticket price. This is typically used for complex or more complete pieces such as the cat-ladders (above).


Bits and Pieces

You don’t have to buy a ton of steel! - Just select the piece(s) of steel you need. PLEASE NOTE: you can not buy part of a larger piece of steel - we can cut/reduce it for you but you will be charged for the whole piece of steel. Please ensure your vehicle is both rated and safe to carry the weight of steel you are transporting. Delivery is available - ask for details…