Reclaimed Huge Iron Industrial Hand Held Shears

Reclaimed Huge Iron Industrial Hand Held Shears

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Snip! - Snip!  Though these look like they belong in the 'land of the giants' but they're actually just huge industrial shears that hark to a time when (long before cordless drills!) there was a hand tool for just about everything.

Used for a variety of tasks including cutting tin sheet in a metal shop, coach builders or ship builders and even trimming thick boards for book binding.

The smaller kinked end is very important it keeps you from trapping or pinching your fingers! The larger kinked end was sometimes placed in socket on the bench to save having to hold the shears during use.

As much a curiosity as an implement - they'd look great on display in the home or retail setting - however the action is still free but 'firm' to operate and they could likely be cleaned and sharpened for use once more.

The handles are 3cm square solid iron bar...

Approximate Dimensions :
Length: 95

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