Rare Reclaimed Round Metal Yellow and Black Ripley AA and Motor Union Road Sign

Rare Reclaimed Round Metal Yellow and Black Ripley AA and Motor Union Road Sign

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This is very rare...between 1906 and 1932 the Automobile Association or 'AA' for short installed 30,000 signs in villages and towns throughout the British Isles. In world war II all but 600 were removed to thwart the progress of the enemy following a possible invasion. Today, only 60 or so remain in situ' with the remainder in private collections. These round metal signs are typically under a metre in diameter and display the Automobile Association name and winged 'AA' logo. The location of the sign is shown in the central black band - in this case Ripley in Derbyshire. This is flanked by nearby destinations, namely Burton (Burton on Trent) and Shirley, and its distance from London. This particular sign dates to around 1910 when the 'AA' had recently merged with the Motor Union whose winged tyre emblem became part of the now famous marque. The bright yellow and black roundel is instantly recognisable and promotes 'safety first' even though the roads were quiet by today's standards. With six lateral and four vertical fixing holes, this enamel roadsign is looking beautifully aged - most notably from it's many impact scars. A wonderful piece of social and automotive history that is collectable and highly prized as a display piece in the home and retail interior alike.

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