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Assorted Reclaimed Hand Painted Vintage Tractor Seats

Assorted Reclaimed Hand Painted Vintage Tractor Seats



A colourful selection of likely late 19th century decorative vintage tractor seats. Typically made from cast iron these functional hard wearing agricultural icons have endured down the generations and are highly collectable today. The earliest seats (1860’s) were solid without holes and were either red hot in the sun or full of water in the rain! These later pierced seats were therefore practical as well as beautiful. Currently available are:

1 x Red Wexford Engineering
1 x Red/Yellow Orion
1 x Red/Blue/Gold Pierce
1 x Cream/Red Banfords
1 x Yellow/Red Banfords

Sold separately - Price shown is per seat.

Approximate Dimensions: Average (sizes vary)
Width: 42cm
Deep: 36cm

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