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Salvaged 1940s Industrial Metal Storage Boxes

Salvaged 1940s Industrial Metal Storage Boxes


ITEM CODE: 00120

Vintage storage metal boxes with hinged lids and clasp closures. These substantial boxes are made from press-steel and have an aged galvanised finish (not the darker box). The bases are strong and durable. Some have the date 1941 stamped into the end along with other markings. One box also has the remnants of a packing label dated 1957. The finish of each box varies according to the use it has received over time. These would make fine tool or storage tins or metal merchandise crates in a retail interior.

Price is per box.

Approximate Dimensions:
5 x lighter coloured boxes
Width: 52.5cm
Height: 19.5cm
Depth: 36cm
1 x darker coloured box
Width: 49cm
Height: 23cm
Depth: 41cm

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