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Old Traditional Hereford Elm Feeding Trough or Manger

Old Traditional Hereford Elm Feeding Trough or Manger



What an absolutely wonderful thing! A true survivor, steeped in history and with a warmth and character that’s as rare as the item itself. This very old traditional Hereford elm feeding trough or manger is constructed from single planks of 1” thick by 18” wide historic English elm! Discovered here in Herefordshire on a local farm - it has aged beautifully and gracefully despite it’s harsh agricultural environment. Held together with period nails, there is, of course, some degrading of the legs and boards - most notably the holes in the base from decades of hungry livestock nibbling at the feed therein! Would make a great interior planter (suitably lined) or the perfect humble storage solution. Please note - it is recommended this piece NOT be exposed to the elements but used under cover or internally.

IMPORTANT: This item has signs of previous woodworm activity - it has been treated but this may not prevent reoccurence - we recommend ongoing treatment.

Approximate Dimensions:
Length: 123cm
Height: 88.5cm
Depth: 61cm

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